Leaders are the Head of Culture

If you are a leader whose decisions and behavior affect other people you have a responsibility to be resilient and compassionate as well as powerful and decisive. It is your duty to maintain and develop both your character and your skills. The time of the lone wolf is over and the time of Arete has begun.

What is Arete Coaching?

Arete means ‘Highest Virtue’

The distance between the life we are currently living and the one we could be living is exactly the distance of our Hero’s Journey. This is the difference between high performers and elite performers. It is our duty to our communities, coworkers and families for us to conduct this journey and become our optimized best. The very quality of life that your personal and professional communities experience is dictated by your success as a leader.

Your profession level of success will always parallel your level of personal development.

My clients are leaders who recognize the necessity of upgrading their personal operating system in order to better serve their teams and communities as well as pursuing their personal legacy.  The character-building outcomes of the Arete program determines individual success, culture determines group success.  We are hunting both destiny AND dynasty.  Willpower alone will not get you here. This journey toward Arete requires upgraded life habits and accountability. The time of the lone wolf is over.

“If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far go together.”-African Proverb

It’s time to go far on the road toward our full potential health and high performance.  Our holistic success as leaders directly impacts everyone around us, it is our duty and responsibility to be as powerful, resilient and compassionate as possible.  I’d be honored to have you join us on this journey toward your own Arete.

“I have worked with Philip individually and organizationally and few individuals combine the traits, skills and insights that he possesses. Philip is truly special. Philip can see beyond the superficial and temporal and this uncanny ability provides him insights into individuals, individuals and cultures. I am forever grateful.”
— -Phil Philips, VP for Admin at Pepperdine University

Outcomes and Actions

Philip Folsom can upgrade the operating system of your life.  The Arete program supplies you with a master’s perspective that will illuminate blindspots in your lifegame and provide short cuts that can cut months and years off of personal and professional journeys toward goals that provide legitimate life meaning and purpose. 

The Arete program provides knowledge to break old habits, patterns and stories and establish growth mindset transformations that create sustainable health and high performance.

Outcomes you can expect:

  • The ability to prioritize goals, values and a vision to help you navigate through all the decisions and transitions of your life with decisiveness and success.

  • Upgrade both the personal and professional relationships in your life and access to both a robust network of other leaders on the same path but the skills to build your own high performing Tribe.

  • Increased physical health, energy and a robust mindfulness practice and stress management skills.

  • A deep dive into some of the mysteries and master maps of the Big Questions of humanity that are vital for leaders to explore and discover during their development.

  • A purpose, passion and service for something bigger than yourself and the means to achieve it.

  • The ability to lead, serve and upgrade the health and happiness of your family, community and work tribe so everyone in your world is healthier and higher performing.

  • The ability to give and receive honest feedback, establish healthy boundaries and resolve conflict with bravery and compassion.

“My experience with Philip was one of the most important I have ever had. His impact with me was staggering with both health and high performance. There is a profound difference between working with Philip Folsom and working with anyone else.”
— -Andy Petranek, Founder of the Whole Life Challenge

How we work.

The Arete program is a holistic approach to overall health and high performance.  It is built on the fact that we are designed to operate in tribes with collaborative missions and cannot complete our journey and goals alone.  The time of the lone wolf is over.  In fact, our collaboration skills, collective intentionality and community are humanity’s superpower. 


Arete consists of daily best practices for health and high performance.  This includes a customized schedule for each client that fits their unique schedule, abilities, needs and aspirations.  These daily high performance habits include diet, mindfulness, exercise, and community-building practices that maintain and develop our Arete.  In addition, I am available for phone calls to help navigate challenges and opportunities that often arise. 


Our journey toward Arete includes weekly check-ins with goals and accountability.  These are either in person sessions or via Zoom or phone.  It’s time to put ourselves and our development on the calendar.  Time, money, focus and energy are not resources; they are priorities and it’s time to put ourselves to the front of the line so we can more powerfully serve others.  As leaders of people it is our duty and responsibility to develop ourselves on a constant and ongoing schedule.  Our community deserves us at our full-potential best.


Monthly Tribe Gathering to activate this superpower and facilitate this process toward health and high performance. I gather a group of powerful leaders every month and go on a real world adventure.  These journeys are intentionally designed to explore and develop powerful and sustainable life discoveries that are transferred back into our day to day lives and improve us as head of culture.  They are also a powerful opportunity to network and learn from the best practices of other leaders on the quest for Arete.  See below for some recent gatherings.


The Arete yearly Vision Quest is available to all Arete clients.  This exclusive multi-day offsite features the best of holistic health and high performance practices and information taught by industry leaders from around the globe blended with unique adventures of a lifetime.  For more information on Arete Vision Quest please inquire.

Arete Engagements

I work with my coaching and culture development clients in engagements of:

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • One year

Individual Arete engagements are $2500 per month per person with a price break for multiple team leaders and year long engagements (recommended).

Monthly Gatherings of The Tribe

Arete monthly gatherings are one of the things that sets the program apart and above other coaching, personal and professional development engagements.  These adventures are not only customized and curated to be engaging and powerful but are intentionally designed to afford Arete clients with an opportunity to explore and practice the resiliency, collaboration and accountability skills that are integral in every other adventure in our lives.  They are also a unique and robust way for leaders to network and share best practices with other leaders who are on the journey toward self optimization and Arete!


Why Hire a Personal Coach?

Over 90% of leaders in upper management who register as highly successful by both their peers and direct reports have received some sort of formal coaching and mentorship.  On average most leaders do not receive any formal leadership coaching until age 44 and yet they move into leadership positions in their early 30s.  Leadership knowledge is cheap and easy but Leadership WISDOM, on the other hand is applied knowledge and it is hard won.  Philip Folsom will take your wisdom journey farther and faster than you could ever do alone.  As a leader it is your responsibility to take this journey and optimize the results.  Your Tribe deserves this and so do you!

True transformation is not possible alone because new behaviors require the death of old habits and stories that have a life of their own and do not want to die.  Initiation requires assistance and allies. The time of the lone wolf is over.  We all need accountability, different perspectives and assistance to achieve goals that are bigger than ourselves. Its time to hunt Big Game.

Culture is the number one driver of success across all categories and is eight times more impactful than investing in either technology or strategy.  Its all about the people and you are the Head of Culture.  What you model is vastly more important than any words, title or job description.  75% of team-member’s perceptions of their environment are shaped by their leader.  As that leader you have the duty and responsibility to model success, health and growth in every situation. In addition to being transformational for leaders, the Arete Program can also be integrated into team and organizational development programs as a way to leverage and scale professional growth and success. I encourage you to consider coupling one of my culture development programs with your personal coaching as a means of maximizing your journey’s impact on your community and career.

A Little More about Philip Folsom Creator of Arete

Philip Folsom has been an industry leader in the human development field for over 25 years.  He is regarded as a master facilitator of human optimization and success skills.  Philip’s personal Creed is Peace, Power and Sacred Purpose and his life is a testament to this process. The Arete program is a crystalized application of the 25 years of intentionally recreating his life and hacking the universal Habits and Help that will move high performers to elite performers.

In addition to his professional organizational development services to fortune 500 organizations, Philip is a regular contributor to USC Marshall School of Business including the leadership courses in the MBA and MBV programs.  Philip has sat on high performance boards at Red Bull and he is also a veteran of the US Army and founder of The Sparta Project, an award winning resiliency program for warriors.

Philip’s clients include a whose-who list of executive leaders in organizations including Fox Pictures, Space X, Universal Pictures, however his specialty is working with managers in leadership positions who are committed to growing into a life of both peace, power and sacred purpose.  This Heroic Life Path (which literally means to serve) is the key to driving holistic success in all arenas of life including family, business and self.  He is regularly featured on podcasts, human optimization summits and publications.

I live in Venice Beach with my wife, daughter and black lab. My sacred purpose is to heal the world one leader and one team at a time. I heartily welcome you to join me!
— Philip Folsom, Arete