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Culture development is the number one driver of sustainable organizational high performance.

"Character creates destiny but culture creates dynasty." -Philip Folsom

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Sustainable • Integrated • Transformational.

Philip Folsom transforms organizational cultures by upgrading clarity of mission and establishing powerful shared vision and values. These upgrades form the foundation of The Tribe which is the source of health and high performance in an organization.

Philip does this through a vast experience of applied anthropology at the highest levels of the corporate world coupled with world class experiential modules from his 20 years of top flight leadership development, team building and experiential programs such as high ropes challenge courses,  (Los Angeles ropes course) Zen Archery, rock climbing and work with real horses and wolves.

Each culture is unique and ever-changing so effective culture development cannot be a cookie cutter process. Similarly it is a challenge that is never completely done and requires ongoing innovation and maintenance. For a free culture assessment to find out where you and your team have the most room to grow please reach out here.

Philip works with his clients in the following engagements.

  • 3 Month

  • 6 Month

  • 12 Month

    Because your organizational culture is as unique as you are as a person, we know that your journey up the mountain is also unique and we will plan and walk that path together. However, we have found that there are three vital components to creating development plans that are not only high impact but also sustainable. These components are Engagement, Education and Empowerment. To this end, to make sure we are providing a program that is sustainable we must be integrated and holistic with a combination of on-site vision and value workshops as well as off-site adventures that allow exploration and discovery. In addition, making sure the organizational leaders are developing is vital to ongoing success. Leaders are the head of culture!


Why invest in culture development?

Culture is the number one driver of health and high performance of an organization. Culture work is has 8 times the return on investment than either technology or strategy. It is so powerful because it upgrades the function of your most valuable organizational asset; your PEOPLE. Culture development creates:

  • More employee retention and higher morale. This is a huge profit driver to do retaining talent and limiting recruitment costs. Better cultures also attract better people!

  • More employee engagement, efficiency and morale by prioritizing where individuals and departments are best suited and where they can make the most impact and add value. This increase in activating employee discretionary time and energy is a huge profit driver.

  • Alignment with common department vision and values is the primary driver of meaning in the workplace. It creates an environment of trust and safety which is vital for cultures that with sustainably high levels of innovation, agility, risk-taking and conflict resolution.

“Culture is the common vision and values
that provide meaning and purpose to a group of people.”
— Philip Folsom, Anthropologist


Culture Development with sustainable impact

All of Philip Folsom's culture development programs are customized to meet the specific culture goals of his clients, however they always include engaging, high impact team experiences coupled with curriculum that captures and drives the transformation from team to tribe forward. For more information on some of Philip's team development programing please feel free to explore his Vision Quest Components, below.

Thank you for the incredibly impactful experience you provided me and our team last week. The most important thing you exposed me to was true leadership, being courageously honest with my team, learning to trust them and leading with confidence are all things I will continue to focus on.
— Tony Smith, Manager eHarmony