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Anthropologist Philip Folsom grew up in the dark woods when he was young and what he learned there was that individuals and organizations can DO and BE ANYTHING if two things are in place: a model of success and the tools to reach it.  Philip’s game-changing programs have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 individuals over the last 25 years through his work at the Fulcrum Leadership Institute and SPARTA.  In addition, his transformational High Performance Tribe program has been implemented with game-changing results at such notable fortune 50 companies as Sony, Microsoft, Dreamworks, Medtronic, Apple and Northrop Grumman.  He works regularly with the High Performance Department of Redbull, North America as well as being a contributing staff at the USC Marshall School of Business.



Philip Folsom’s work is commonly referred to as “transformational”, “game-changing” and “the best investment we’ve ever made in our organization” (Fox Pictures) by his clients.  His reputation in the team development world is legendary.  Philip’s work has been featured on numerous podcasts and national television programs including The Biggest Loser, The Letter, For Love or Money, Celebrity Fitcamp and Cholos Try where they refer to him as ‘The Dali Lama of the Woods’