Personal Responsibility = Added Leverage

We gather power by claiming responsibility. Claiming responsibility is an exercise in moving from adolescent to adult psychology.

We are either the master of our resources, or we are a slave to them - money, time, energy. In the process of moving from adolescent psychology to adult psychology we begin taking responsibility for becoming master of our resources, instead of being a slave to them. 

Related to this question of responsibility, we begin moving through our lives in a proactive manner. Instead of a reactive manner. We are scheduling things, building into our day the things that are important to us. 

When we are moving through life in a reactive manner, we probably don’t keep a schedule. If we’re lucky we have a to-do list, so we don’t forget to react to each and every fire we must put out. With a list, we make a shepherd’s pie of all the tasks we must perform in the day and we grind through them.

When we proactively schedule things on the calendar, we will defend them from other activities and tasks. What goes on the calendar is our priority. When we set our priorities, we defend those priorities. It is important to set our priorities, not because we must fight to defend them, but simply because if we do not set our priorities ourselves, they will be set for us. We are then slaves to, not masters of, our money, time, and energy.

Taking responsibility for getting proactive with our lives, establishing our priorities and defending them, is an example of increasing the leverage of our power.