Power vs Force

There’s a law in physics called the Conservation of Energy that states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be moved one place or another. 

There was an initial explosion of energy in the universe. For spiritual people, that’s called creation. It happens mythologically in every culture. For the scientifically oriented, it is called the big bang. This creative energy of the universe has been shifting around from place to place since the beginning of time. It has never dissipated or increased. 

We have access to a certain amount of this energy in the course of our lives. We have a certain amount of it in our day to day activity. When we take responsibility for that how we exercise this energy, this is called “power.” When we exercise it without thought and in a mindless way, this is what we call “force.” 

Force is a word that is connected with the word “brute.” A brute is an animal, a completely reactive creature. Animals are responsive - they do not get to utilize or choose how they use the energy of the universe.

As human beings blessed with the ability to meta-cognate - the ability to be aware of our thoughts, our soul,  our free will - we get to utilize the creative energy of the universe in the ways we deem fit. When we are choosing our words and we’re owning them; when we are choosing our actions and our projects, instead of having them thrust upon us, that is the exercise of power. To wield power is a choice. When we do, the universal energy of creation flows in the direction fixed by our willpower.