Simple Tool: The Fulcrum

The fulcrum is one of the simple tools along with the incline plane which combined create complex machines that perform complex tasks. It is a pivot point about which a lever works. Its purpose is to increase work output from a set amount of power.

We all have only a finite amount of power. Our ability to work depends on this power. It is expressed also calories in the food we eat. It is the money in our bank accounts. It is the gas in the tanks of our cars.

A fulcrum enables us to magnify our limited power to do a particular thing with greater effectiveness, and we can use the Fulcrum in one of two ways: we can take one small project, one focused outcome, and we can lift it to the moon with our power. Or, we can slide the fulcrum and utilize it to lift multiple things, i.e. tiny projects, a small way up. That’s the way the fulcrum leverages power - by moving one object incredibly far, or many projects a short distance.

Our decision on how to use the Fulcrum should be based on circumstances and the prioritization of what we want to accomplish in the day with our limited amount of power. Power is always taken. it is never given. We must claim whatever power that we desire. To wait for power to be bestowed upon us is an adolescent or victim mindset.