Philip Folsom is an army veteran, anthropologist and one of the most knowledgable, experienced and inspirational public speaker working today.  He has lectured in over 50 universities around the world and at fortune 50 companies for the last decade.  He is known for including audience engagement during his speaking and has a host of unique experiential activities he uses to demonstrate and explore his themes of collaboration, healing and high performance.

My Most Recent Podcast

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A Tribe is a Human Wolfpack

Themes and Topics

  • Common Vision and Values

  • Sports psychology and elite military units

  • Trust and Safety

  • Healthy Conflict and giving feedback

  • Accountability and collaboration

  • Group to team to tribe

  • Creating a high performing tribe

  • Healthy cultures create healthy humans

  • Trophic cascade

Whole Life Challenge Podcast

Previous speaking engagements

Redbull Glimpses 2017

The Time of the Lone Wolf is Over

In June of 2017, Philip Folsom spoke at the Redbull Glimpses Conference, a High Performance and Human Potential Development conference that shares approaches and often unpredictable stories behind how the best in the world succeed, and the pathways that broaden our collective understanding of the true capacity of human potential.

veterans on the move - Podcast

Build Your Tribal Systems with Army Veteran Philip Folsom

Army veteran Philip Folsom is a Cultural Anthropologist and Culture Development expert. He is the co-founder of SPARTA, a PTSD and suicide prevention program for warriors.

Philip Folsom’s reputation in the team development world is legendary. His in person events, seminars, and experiences, have dramatically improved the lives of over 500,000 people teaching the importance of peace, power, and sacred purpose.


It Takes a Tribe to Hunt a Mammoth

Themes and Topics

  • Archetypes and the power of diversity

  • Collective intelligence

  • Honor vs Pride

  • Common vision and values

  • Trust and risk taking

  • Innovation

  • Healthy conflict and accountability

  • Collaboration

  • Human optimization

IMG_4645 copy 2.jpg

Be the Hero of Your Own Story

Themes and Topics

  • The Hero’s Journey

  • Group development process and knowing the future

  • Overcoming resistance

  • Taking risks

  • Choosing growth

  • Networking and finding allies

  • Powerful decision making

  • Death of things that no longer serve us

  • Transformation and the return with treasure


Fight in the Shade

Wellness is the #1 Driver of High Performance

Themes and Topics

  • Human Optimization

  • Flow state

  • It is no Measure of Health to be Well Adapted to a Sick Society

  • Meditation and mindfulness

  • Stress reduction

  • How to use our brains

  • Morale leads to retention

  • Lifestyle and culture