Philip, your presentation rocked the house and the wolves were a tremendous hit.  Thanks for the being the best part of the program.  Your teachings inspire us to be happier and more functional humans at work and home!”
— Andy Walshe, Director of Red Bull High Performance Department
You need to work with Philip Folsom. My experience with Philip was one of the most profoundly important I have ever had.  He helped us develop our team’s community and connections into a culture of health and high performance.  His impact with us was staggering. There is a profound difference between working with Philip Folsom and working with anyone else.“
— Andy Petranek, Co-Founder of the Whole Life Challenge
Every time our group has worked with you its been so transformational in shaping our organizational culture and direction. I’m adopting you as our team guru.
— Dr. Denise Kwok, USC
We worked with Philip to integrate his Tribe program and culture development piece into our three day leadership retreat. His work was vital in creating team trust and cohesion and to align our business goals for the year. Philip’s leadership and structured reflections challenged the team to think deeply about our default behaviors and organizational values. Philip’s expertise and comfort facilitating the group created an atmosphere of trust and emotional safety that helped our leaders open up to each other while have a lot of fun. A perfect antidote to the corporate meetings!
— Catherine McKay, Shell Aviation
I attended your ropes course and just had to drop you a note.  You and your team were so amazing, supportive and we all got so much from the program.  I was touched by how much you put into each person and the passion you have for what you do.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, truly something I treasure.”
— Jessica Wichard, Executive Director, Retail Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox
Thank you for the time and insights you shared with our group.  You’re truly gifted in your ability to see beyond the veneer and into the inner workings of an individual and group.”
— Shaphan Roberts, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office
“A sincere thank you to you and your whole tribe.  Your program was a massive, mind-expanding experience both on the professional and personal level.  I can say for certain that everyone at PD felt blown away.”
— Ethan Scott, Office Manager, Proper Daley
This man, Philip Folsom, is a master tribe builder. We are so fortunate to call him brother and friend. The @commonworks community is better because of Philip who humbly shares his gifts with the rest of us. If you are looking to build your tribe, transform your company culture reach out to Philip!
— Mark Eckhardt, CEO, Common
Thank you so much for the impactful experience you provided me and our team at your Los Angeles ropes course. Like a lot of companies, we suffer from silos and a general ‘us vs them’ mentality. I believe the lessons you shared will take hold. As designers, we assume we have the authority to tell others how to be empathetic and work together. You showed us that we all have just as much to work on as anyone. Knocking me off my high-horse is something that will make my relationship throughout the company a whole lot better.
The most important thing you exposed us to was true leadership. Being honest with my team, learning to trust them and leading with confidence are things I will continue to focus on.
— Tony Smith, Manager, eHarmony
I must tell you how much I enjoyed and learning from your program. It was the best workshop I have ever attended.
— Leticia Hernandez, IPA Operations HealthCare Partners
Philip Folsom provided us with an eclectic mix of experiences that enabled our organizations to understand our strengths, shore up our weaknesses and focus on minding a solid direction for the future. All while having an awful lot of fun! Highly recommend!
— Greg Dovel, Founder Dovel and Luner
Philip Folsom is a true sage; a model leader; a powerful teacher; an experienced guide and one of the most capable men I’ve ever met. As an educator and administrator I’ve worked with Philip for nearly 20 years and he is a true expert in his field. Because of his renowned work, my school and district is more efficient, collaborative and welcoming.
— Sterling Schubert, Principal Montebello School District