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Tribe Building Program

6 secrets to transform your team into a high performing tribe that will impact your bottom line.

  1. Crafting a common vision and culture of collaboration 
  2. Leveraging the importance of shared values and respect
  3. Building legitimate trust and authentic communication
  4. Implementing the power of healthy conflict
  5. Power goal setting and team accountability 
  6. Sustainable resiliency and engagment
The next step after redesigning my team and hiring talented newcomers was to unite and focus them. Philip and his Tribe Building Program was exactly what we needed. Initially drawn in as we learned about ourselves individually, we then molded together in comparison and contrast throughout each exercise – the team developed right before my eyes. Immediate feedback - from new to seasoned professionals - was “best session ever!” Now, a few weeks later, I see increased collaboration and camaraderie daily and I know it is all because of the time we had with Philip.
— Leslie Newlee, Senior Director, Red Bull


Tribe Leadership Program

The Tribe Leadership Program is designed to take high performing leaders and maximize their ability to inspire and serve the Tribe while impacting the bottom line with tangible results.  This intensive 8 week program provides you with direct access to Philip Folsom with a series of strategic one on one coaching sessions where we cover the transformational secrets of tribe leadership, versatility and resiliency under pressure and how to bring out the best in other by being the best version of you.

I’ve attended many training and development sessions and team building events over the years. But for me, the best professional development investment I’ve made was Philip’s workshop. The concepts may seem logical, simple even, but providing the tools to apply them takes a special facilitator like Philip. He draws on his experiences and really looks within his clients to get to the heart of the individual, helping us to leave our comfort zones and achieve things we never thought possible. We understand ourselves and each other that much more after spending time with him. We are a stronger, more focused and capable team thanks to Philip. He taught me that as a leader, I don’t need to have all the answers and that it’s okay to be vulnerable to my team.
— Nathan Ndaira, Senior Manager, Universal