Anthropologist Philip Folsom is the premier holistic Culture Development expert in California.  His Culture Development eats strategy for lunch.  

In fact, Philip Folsom Culture Development also eats team-building and leadership development and technology for lunch. Philip's Culture Development is the super driver of organizational health and high performance. 

Only 20% of Americans are fully engaged in their jobs!  Increased culture function not only radically improves engagement but also morale which leads to substantial talent retention and increased commitment to the organization.  If invest in just one aspect of your team, make that investment your CULTURE.

Culture development leads to a host of increased profit drivers including:

·      Competitiveness

·      Resiliency

·      Innovation

·      Efficiency

Philip believes that Culture is not HOW we do things but WHY.  Culture is the primary provider of meaning in our world.  Culture is not a noun but a verb.  It is never done but there are Philip has proven techniques to building a great one and the journey is glorious!